MECAFLOR, Expertise at your service

For more than 15 years, Mecaflor has supported its clients in their mechanization projects. From the definition of your needs to the delivery and installation of our equipment in your facility, we put our expertise and know-how at the service of your success.

From the first contact, our sales team is in charge of identifying your needs and understanding your expectations. In order to provide you with the best solution, we may send you samples and organise demonstration visits.

Once we have helped you to make your decision, our technical and production teams will immediately start manufacturing your equipment. As soon as the production and testing process are completed, our machines are shipped worldwide : whether you are a neighbourhood florist in Europe, a large bouquet maker in the United States or a flower producer in Colombia.

If necessary, a technical team will help you installing the machines on site and will train your staff in order for them to operate properly. Our technicians will remain at your disposal during the entire equipment lifecycle to make diagnosis and advise you in case of technical problem.

In case of an emergency, we have competent distributors based in the U.S.A., Colombia, Japan, United Kingdom and Germany, that are capable to service your machines.


We advise you on the solutions best suited to your needs.


We also organize the entire transport so that our machines arrive directly in your premises.


We offer installation and start-up services for our production lines.


We also offer a staff training service.

After-sales service

In the case of a breakdown, our technicians can be reached quickly by video call and can visit your production site.

Spare parts

In case of wear or breakage, we can send you any spare parts quickly.

Like hundreds of customers around the world, you can trust us to carry out your mechanization projects

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MECAFLOR, working together to make your mechanization projects successful.

Arnaud Nouhant
Export manager