Easypot non-spill pots unstacker

Automatic machine to unstack piles of Easypot, place and clip the non-spill lids on top of the pots and fill them with water.

Easypot non-spill pots unstacker

Increase your productivity with our Easypot unstacker. Each pot is automatically driven onto the conveyor, then a spill-proof lid is placed on the container. Finally, the pot is filled precisely with the preset volume of water, at the same time as the clipping of the lid.

Technical information

  • Production capacity : up to 1000 pots per hour
  • Only works with Easypot 15 or Easypot 18
  • Weight : 192kg
  • Dimensions : 250x60x170cm
  • Power supply : 220V/60Hz
  • Water supply
  • Compressed air : 5.5 bar

Main features

  • Automatic unstacking of the pots
  • Automatic positioning and clipping of the lids on the pots
  • Automatic filling of the pots
  • Adjustment on the PLC display of the volume of water to inject


  • Easy to use
  • Mobile machine on 4 wheels
  • Small footprint
Easypot is the ideal solution for florists and bouquet makers wanting to develop their online activity.
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Arnaud Nouhant
Export manager
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