Maxi Bouq’rond binding and filling machine

Semi-automatic cadenced machine to make aquapack bouquets quickly and easily.

Maxi Bouq’rond binding and filling machine

Pack your aquapack bouquets quickly and effortlessly.

Select on the automaton the type of Easybul used and the desired volume of water.

Place an elastic band, a mylar paper and a bouquet hold by an Easybul in the center of the machine to start an automatic cycle.

The Maxi Bouq’ Rond injects the water and ejects the elastic on the aquapack bouquet before releasing it.

Technical information

  • Production capacity : up to 300 bouquets per hour
  • Compatible with our bouquets stabilizers Easybul 70, 110, 130 and 150
  • Weight : 150kg
  • Dimensions : 80x90x170cm
  • Power supply : 110V-60 Hz or 220V-50Hz
  • Water supply
  • Compressed air : 5.5 bar

Main features

  • Setting the step-by-step or automatic working mode
  • Adjusting the volume of water


  • Timed cycles to optimize productivity
  • Effortless : no manual tightening
  • Mobile machine on 4 wheels
  • Small footprint
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Marc Molitor
Export manager
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