Hand-tied bouquet machine

Bouquet making conveyor fitted with 12 to 16 workstations to make up to 1600 hand-tied bouquets per hour.

Hand-tied bouquet machine

Make hand-tied bouquets like a florist with our machine fitted with bouquet cradles and a computer system to make easily complex recipes.

Simply create your bouquet recipes on the integrated production software to displays the production steps on the displays of each workstations, the operators are guided to put the stems in the numbered compartments of the bowl. Once the recipe is complete, the bouquets are automatically tied and cut. You just have to pick them up and pack them.

Technical information

  • Production capacity : up to 1200 bouquets cut and bound per hour with the standard 12 workstations version, and up to 1600 bouquets cut and bound per hour with the 16 workstations version
  • For 35 to 60cm long bouquets, with 8 to 40 stems
  • Weight : 2800kg (12 stations) / 3600kg (18 stations)
  • Dimensions : 12×3.8×2.3m (12m) / 18×3.8×2.3m (18m)
  • Power supply : 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 3G 2,5mm² cable, 20A circuit breaker, 2,5kW electric power
  • Compressed air : 6 bars for the cleaning airgun

Main features

  • Spherical bouquet creation cradles with 7 compartments to make round bouquets with a maximum diameter of 40cm
  • Optional insert sets to make bouquets with 2 heights or short aquapack/ Mason Jar bouquets
  • Automatic binding, cutting of the stems and extraction of the waste


  • Productivity gains : at least 30% compared to hand-made bouquets
  • Massive production capacity to cope with the production peaks
  • Product consistency and compliance with the recipes designs
  • No qualified operators required : 5 minutes training only
  • Less product manipulation thus less broken stems
  • Better working conditions for operators : less carpal tunnel syndrome
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