Mini Bouq’rond binding and filling machine

Simple and efficient machine to make aquapack bouquets with water reserve in a few seconds.

Mini Bouq’rond binding and filling machine

Pack your aquapack bouquets quickly and effortlessly.

Simply set the desired volume of water, place an elastic in the machine to start a cycle and press the push button to inject the water.

Easy to use, the Mini Bouq’ Rond will make you more productive, while homogenizing the packaging of your finished products.

Technical information

  • Production capacity : up to 200 bouquets per hour
  • Compatible with our bouquets stabilizers Easybul 70, 110, 130, 150 and also the Flexibulle 110 and 150
  • Weight : 75kg
  • Dimensions : 60x60x115cm
  • Power supply : 110-220V, 50-60Hz
  • Water supply
  • Compressed air : 5.5bars

Main features

  • Automatic elastic opening and ejection with a sensor
  • Adjustment of the binding height
  • Adjustment of the volume of water to inject
  • Push-button to start injecting the water


  • Easy to use
  • 2-in-1 machine: can be used with water system or without to wrap potted plants too
  • Effortless binding
  • Mobile machine on 4 wheels
  • Small footprint
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Marc Molitor
Export manager
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