Mylar wrapping machine 50+ and 70+

Mylar wrapping machine / Elastic buncher 50+ and 70+

Automatic bunching machine used to put elastics. Operates with all kind of products: potted plants, rosebushes, young wine, small trees, asparagus, strawberry plants, flower bouquets...

Put an elastic on the 4 hooks and it will be automatically detected and opened. Put your mylar and push a pot into the hole and it will be wrapped once the elastic will be released. You can set the opening and ejection time of the elastic to package up to 700 pots per hour with one operator.

For the operators security, a pushbutton - in case an object get trapped - will instantly open the 4 hooks.

élastiqueuse buncher


  • Easy to set and to use, no effort
  • Instant uniform wrapping
  • Gain of productivity: up to 700 cycles per hour
  • Automatic opening and ejection of the elastics
  • Adjustable exposure and ejection time
  • Maximum diameter of the products: 145mm for the 50+ and 205 mm for the 70+
  • Easy to move on its 4 wheels​

50+ Mylar wrapping machine - Elastiqueuse 50+ pour cellos

Elastiqueuse arbre