Mini Bouq'rond buncher/water filler

The Mini Bouq'rond is a great 2-in-1 semi-automatic machine to create up to 200 flower bouquets with a water reserve per hour. It is a compact, robust and easy-to-use machine, that will save your time and be of great help during production peaks.

Mini Bouq' Rond élastiqueuse buncher gummiringbündler


  • Step 1: Lay down a rubber band on the crotches and they will automatically spread it.

  • Step 2: Lay a Mylar Cellophane on the table

  • Step 3: Push your flower bouquet held with an Easybul support inside the well and press and the water button to fill the bouquet with the programmed volume of water 

  • Step 4: Once the volume is reached, the crotches will automatically release the rubber band and you can pick up your bouquet

Every 20 to 30 seconds - depending on the volume of water you want to fill in your bouquet - you will create a standardized stable bouquet with enough water to last days. The Mini Bouq' Rond can be used with any kind of flower food dispenser (Chrysal dosing unit, Dosatron...).

Bouquets aquapack Mini Bouq' Rond​​​


  • Easy to set (water volume, releasing time) and to use

  • Gain of productivity: up to 200 flower bouquets per hour

  • Automatic opening and ejection of the elastics

  • Volume of water adjustable

  • Exposure and ejection time adjustable 

  • 2 modes: bunching with or without water filling

  • Easy to move on its 4 wheels

  • Max. diameter of the bouquets: 145mm

  • Dimensions of the machine: 60 x 72 x 115cm

  • Weight: 65kg

  • Power supply: 220V single phased and 5.5 bar compressed air


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