Hand-tied bouquets machine

Hand-tied bouquets conveyor fitted with construction devices to make up to 1300 bouquets bound and cut per hour.

Mecaflor hand-tied bouquets machine

Based on our customers experience and feedback, you can expect:

  • a productivity increase of 30% compared to hand-tied bouquets made by hand on tables

  • a larger production capacity during peak seasons

  • more quality and consistency with less skilled employees

  • less stress during peaks: you can hire any temporary workers and train them in 5 minutes

  • less manipulation of the products, so less damaged stems

  • better working conditions for your staff: less carpal tunnel syndrome as there is no need to hold firmly the bouquets all day long

The bouquets construction cradles are desgined to make spiral bouques from 8 to 44 stems, with two levels and a length of 25 to 55cm.


Roses hand-tied bouquet

Different sets of spherical inserts are used to make perfect round hand-tied bouquets.


An integrated computer software display on each workstations a simple production step to guarantee the quality and consistency of your recipes.


Binding and cutting units

An optional binder and cutting unit process the bouquets directly on the line.