Hand-tied bouquets machine

Hand-tied bouquets conveyor fitted with 38 construction devices to make up to 800 bouquets bound and cut per hour. An integrated computer software stores all created recipes and displays on each workstations a simple production step.

Maquina para ramos con espiral ramos cruzados hand-tied bouquets machine

  • Average productivity with 12 operators: 390 bouquets with 36 stems per hour, 550 bouquets with 24 stems per hour, 800 bouquets with 12 stems per hour
  • Dimensions of the complete line: 11.63x3.79 x2.33m
  • Connexion: 220V/50hz single phase

  • Devices to make bouques with 8 to 40 stems and 2 heights
  • Max. and min. length of the bouquets: 32 to 60cm
  • Consistent production

  • Software to guide the operators step by step making complex bouquets
  • Simple manufacturing process for totally unskilled operators: 5 minutes training required

Binding and cutting unit

  • Optional ARC HV2R binding machine and cutting device
  • Transversal or longitudinal waste extractor with direction inversion