Bouquet making

XL sleeving machine for bouquets

Ensacheur XL 3

The XL sleeving machine packs effortless all kind of bouquets (roses, gerberas, tulips, aromatic herbs...). The vacuum nozzle opens automatically up to 1400 sleeves per hour. Two loading stations for the sleeves enable a continous work.

Water filling system


For a quick and accurate water filling. Works with all containers.

Hand-tied bouquets machine

Hand-tied bouquets conveyor fitted with construction devices to make up to 1300 bouquets bound and cut per hour.

Rollexpress CC-container water filler

Eimerfüller, CC water filler, container water filler, remplisseuse rolls CC

Fill in your buckets and prepare your CC container / flowers trolleys, easily and without effort.

Mini Bouq'rond buncher/water filler

Mini Bouq-rond

The Mini Bouq'rond is a great 2-in-1 semi-automatic machine to create up to 200 flower bouquets with a water reserve per hour. It is a compact, robust and easy-to-use machine, that will save your time and be of great help during production peaks.